Leads Tracking with the sign-ups column

We have just released in TrafficManager a new way to track and display the leads to your affiliates, the Sign-ups column.

By enabling the option in your settings page, a new column will appear in all the offer reports:

In this way, your affiliates will see how many sign-ups they have generated, that can potentially become conversions.

By enabling this feature, the following changes will occur in your platform:

  • All the conversions with amount=0 in the postback will be considered leads (sign-ups), not conversions (except for CPL offers), so they will not appear in the conversions column, log, and the affiliate postback will not be fired.
  • If your affiliates want to receive a postback also for the sign-ups, they can set it in the “Global postback for Sign-ups” in the Offer settings page:
  • On CPL offers, sign-ups are also conversions, so the payout will be paid to the affiliate.
    In this case, if the affiliate has both the postback sets, he will receive both of them.

Note: This feature only applies to the Marketplace section. The Smartlink doesn’t support leads/sign-ups tracking.


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