Things that make us the best

No matter how big or small your business is, we have everything to make you successful. If we don't have it, we will develop it for you!

Set up and optimize your campaigns in just a few minutes through the intuitive interface of our platform. Simply and easy via web links.

Just select the package you need and start your affiliate program right now. You can switch between plans at any time with no additional costs.

Customize the platform with your white-label and use your own domain for your affiliate network. Just build your white-label and we will integrate it in a moment.

Optimize your campaigns by easily split testing multiple offers and landing pages

Easily track your conversions using Image Pixel or Server to Server (Postback tracking)

Generate secure SSL smartlinks, creative scripts or direct offer links in 1 click.


Multi level traffic source classification. Split your traffic sources into multi-level categories for a better niche targeting. Optimize your traffic now for a better user experience and engagement.


Take your ROI to another level using the SmartLink feature. A smart targeting algorithm that splits your traffic by country, ISP/carrier, Connection Type (3G / wi-fi), Operating System, OS version, device type, browser language, traffic category.


At your request we can integrate in your system a real-time fraud scoring feature provided by IPQualityScore.com, ScroogeFrog, Forensiq or other similar solutions at your choice.




Full and easy integration with any tracking tool or affiliate program running on HasOffers(Tune), Cake, LinkTrust, NATS, etc.



We promise you the best support you will ever find - 7 days a week.




Your Publishers and Advertisers can easily sign up online in only 20 seconds through a web form.



Redundant backups and DDoS mitigation, 99.99% uptime and fast scaling, even for Big Data through global infrastructure and geographically distributed content delivery networks for high performance.


Advanced targeting for your offers and campaigns by country, ISP/carrier, Connection Type (3G / wi-fi), Operating System, OS version, device type, browser language, traffic category.


Our affiliate platform will deliver you the most advanced real-time statistics for a better understanding of your traffic performance.



For each direct offer in your Marketplace it is possible to grant or block individual affiliate access, so that only your trusted affiliates can promote those offers.



A dedicated account manager will teach you how to use TrafficManager and to better understand all its features.




Set up your Marketplace and share your Advertisers’ direct offers with your Affiliates. Grant them access by setting up a privacy level: Private, Public or Approval required.


130 milliseconds: this is the avg. time response time TrafficManager needs to process the: country, device, OS, traffic category, carrier and all the other parameters of the user before serving him the best converting campaign through the Smartlink and 90 milliseconds is the average time response for the Direct Offers feature (Marketplace). The average time response of other SaaS affiliate platforms is around 300ms.



Take your performance marketing at the next level without causing your affiliates any harm or get them penalized by the search engines because of the aggressive promotion tools. Let them choose what better fits their traffic and generate earnings through: Pop-up, Pop-under, Direct Link, Banner Rotator Tool or Late-Pop-up (a tool made by us according to the latest Google Guidelines regarding Intrusive interstitials and mobile pop-ups).



You have the possibility to set multiple landing pages for the same offer, to give full information to your affiliates and to give them the possibility to split the traffic between the landing pages, or to promote only a specific landing page using a unique tracking link or banner script. You can also set an expiration dates, thumbnail images, manage the creatives, add a daily cap, and pass custom parameters through placeholders.


Help your affiliates better promote your offers with the banner rotator script. Just add all your creatives in the offer page and with just 1 click your affiliates can select the banner rotator dimensions and generate the script that will work also on https sites (SSL secured)


Split your direct offers from the marketplace or the campaigns from your smartlinks into customized categories for a better management and a better performance.






Authenticate each conversion with a unique security code. It enforces all conversions to require a security code to be passed for authentication; this prevents your affiliates to force-fire the offers postback URLs.




You have the possibility to use the classical payout models like: Revenue-Share, CPI, CPA, CPS, CPL, CPC & CPM for your campaigns but we also give you the option to mix the payout models in the same campaign and create payouts like: CPL + CPA, CPL + REV-SHARE, CPA + REV-SHARE, etc.  

Set special payout settings for your Super Affiliates, different from the default revenue-share or offer cost.






If your Affiliate Program needs a feature that TrafficManager doesn't provide, just ask us and we will do it for you.






Now you have the possibility to set up custom events for your offers, with different payouts and set conversions as pending for both, Marketplace offers and Smartlink Campaigns. Read more about this in our blog!


You can receive postbacks in 170 different world currencies using the current exchange rate, updated daily, make crypto payments and generate in automatic credit notes, each time you pay an affiliate. For more details visit our blog: Multiple-Currency Conversions and Credit Notes And Crypto Payments


Allow your affiliates to integrate this powerful tool on their own websites with just a few clicks and increase considerably their revenue, with the same traffic. You will be able from your dashboard to segment the traffic, launch web push campaigns on autopilot, and optimize. More info HERE


Set a custom referral bonus for the affiliates who bring new people into your network; They will earn a commission based on the earnings of the referred affiliates.



Convert your direct offer URLs, smartlinks or creatives with your own tracking domain to protect the offer origin.



Easily export your real-time stats from our platform to Microsoft Excel or CSV file.




Easy integration for e-Commerce websites using WooCommerce thanks to our S2S Postback plugin that will automatically integrate your website with our tracking platform.





This feature is available for ALL our packages, no matter the pricing plan. Your affiliates will have the possibility to create a publisher account in your Affiliate Program / Network with just a few clicks and promote your offers! You also have the possibility to accept or deny a publisher registration!



Starting from the Agency monthly plan, you have the possibility to sell your traffic also on CPM basis (Cost Per Mille) and reward your affiliates for every 1000 clicks they send you. More info about CPM here!




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very expensive and slower solutions to build your business?

Why wasting your money on very expensive and slower solutions to build your business?

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