Updates about pricing and features

Dear partners,

On behalf of the entire TrafficManager team, we would like to thank you for being our business partner until now and that you have trusted us with your business. Some of you started your journey with us in 2016 when we launched this project and made a huge difference in transforming this platform into a real “monster” in terms of features and usability and we would like to thank you for this once again. Thank each of you for the patience in waiting for the development of the requested features, thank you for helping us in the testing period after we released the features, and thank you for the really great feedback that helped us improve our service and transformed it into one of the best available on the market.

As we continue to grow every month in features development, infrastructure, and support team members in order to keep providing a great quality service, we need to update all our pricing models and features available for all the TrafficManager plans for ALL THE NEW CUSTOMERS that will register for our tracking platform starting with 27 July 2021.

Do not worry, we will still charge all our existing partners with the same amount as usual for all the existing packages for life so, if you are already our customer this will not affect you, just make sure if you think you will need a plan upgrade for your business in the future to do it before 1st September 2021 in order to get it with the old pricing plan. After that date, in case you need to upgrade your plan, you will be charged with the new rates as well.

You can check our new pricing and features available for each plan on our brand-new website in the pricing page section.

Thank you again for your business and trust and we remain at your disposal for any questions or clarifications.

Florin Simovici – CEO

Francesco Montanari – CTO


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