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To begin, we would like to wish you a successful and happy 2018! We want to express our gratitude for the trust you’ve given us and we hope that the new year will be full of satisfactions and growth for you and your team!

We are committed to make TrafficManager always better, and we are listening to your feature requests. Now we want to show and explain to you some of the latest features deployed to your platform.

Users registration policy

You can now set the users registration policy for your platform, from the Settings > System settings page, by choosing between “free”, “approval needed” and “closed”.

In case of Approval needed policy, you can ask the user some additional information in the registration page, so you can decide whether to approve him or not.

When a new user signs up and is awaiting approval, you’ll receive an email and see a badge with the number of pending user registration requests in the sidebar.
Then, from the Manage users page, you’ll be able to approve or reject the registration request, and optionally notify the user with an email.


Simplified postback URLs

The old postback URL structure, which was different between the smartlink and the marketplace, was a little confusing and created problems if you wanted to work with both smartlink an marketplace with a partner that didn’t support multiple server-to-server postbacks. So we’ve implemented a single S2S postback URL for both the smartlink and the marketplace.

NOTE: the old link structures will continue to work, so you don’t need to change anything where you’re already integrated, it will only be easier to integrate with new partners in the future.

The old postback structure was:Offers:


The new structure is, for both offers & smart:

So, “offers/” has been removed for the marketplace, and “subid” has been renamed in “clickid” for the smartlink. As said, the old links still work as usual.

Also, the following macros have been renamed for consistency:

– {subid} is now {clickid} in the campaign destination URL
– {amount} is now {payout} in the smartlink postback

All the existing campaign destination URLs and user postbacks have been automatically updated, so no action is required on your side.

More advanced stats

In the past weeks we’ve added more details to the conversions logs, with the full user agent, IP and carrier for each conversion, and the referrer will also be added soon.
We’ve added more details to the admin, publisher and advertiser dashboards, they can now explore the stats for all the promotion tools of a site and banners of a campaign.
The same and more stats will also be added for the marketplace offers, allowing you to see detailed stats for each country, device, landing page, creative, etc.
If you have any new feature you would like to see in TrafficManager let us know, your feedback is really important to us!

The TrafficManager team


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