New “Link cloaking” feature

Today we are launching a new “Link cloaking” feature in TrafficManager.

You can enable it for any offer, in the offer settings:

When the link cloaking is enabled, the offer link will be hidden to the user and to some tools for tracking the redirection paths.

This is also useful when you want your affiliates to use their own domains, for example to promote the offer on social networks.

When the “cloaked” link is opened, the end user will only see the affiliate domain, and not the landing page url:


  • This method will not work if the landing page doesn’t allow iframes (by using the X-Frame-Options header). Make sure to check that the tracking links are working after you enable this setting.
  • This feature is currently in beta for 30 days and available to all the TrafficManager plans. After the BETA is over, we’ll make this feature available for free from the Professional package. Starter packages will be able to enable this feature as an optional feature, for a small monthly fee.


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