Custom Domains, GDPR, And More

What’s new in TrafficManager

June 2018

Custom tracking domains

We’ve added for all the packages the ability to use custom domains as offer tracking links.

Note: this is an optional feature, disabled by default. Enable it in the settings page (Settings > System settings) if you want to let your affiliates use custom domains.

If you enable the feature, your affiliates will be able to add their own domain names, in a wizard that will help them set the required DNS record, and they’ll be able to use these domains as tracking link for any offer.

You can also add “public domains” that will be available to all the affiliates. You can do this from the Settings > Domains page.
Being able to use custom domains will be very useful to those who advertise on media where domain names can be blocked, such as Facebook.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25. These are the main changes we introduced:

  • We update our privacy policy accordingly and required all the existing EU users to accept it.
  • The users who registered in the European Union can now download their personal data and close their account, from the profile page.
    After an account closure request, the admin will receive an email and the account will be put in a “pending delete” state where he can’t login anymore. After 30 days, the account is permanently deleted from our live systems.
  • We limited the data retention for EU users to 5 years since their last login.

Pixel tracking

Pixel conversion tracking is now available for marketplace offers. This lets you track conversions with a simple copy-paste of two html codes, without the technical skills needed to set up the S2S postback.

Custom offer payout

You can now create offers with custom payouts based on the amount of the sale, this will let you build and manage mixed payouts directly from the platform, without any programming skill required.
These were the main changes we introduced in the latest weeks. We are always working on new features and we’ll keep on improving TrafficManager to meet your needs!

Affiliate World Europe

We’ll be at the Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona. Meet us at the booth A50 from 18 to 20 June!


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