Multiple events and pending conversions

We are glad to announce the general availability of two new features in TrafficManager:

Multiple offer events

With this new payout mode, you can set custom events for an offer, with different payouts.
This payout mode can be useful for offers where there can be many possible payouts, and you want to show all of them to the affiliates.

The affiliates will see all the offer payouts in the offer page, as well as how many conversions and earnings they got in the reports page:

In the postback, the advertiser will need to send the event name, to report which event occurred:

Pending conversions

You can now set conversions as pending for both offers and campaigns.

If you enable this option, new conversions will go in a pending state and the affiliates will see the pending credit separately: 

You can then approve or cancel every pending conversion, manually or via S2S postback. See the help page for more details.

Even more features coming soon, stay tuned!


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