About Us

A few words about us and why we think this is one of the best products from the market at the moment?

The beginning:

The TrafficManager tracking platform was built initially for the necessity of our own CPA affiliate network (TubeAdvertising.eu) but, before that, we tested almost all the popular tracking platforms in the affiliate marketing world and, we found ourselves with a big problem, a problem that maybe you have at this moment yourself: It was impossible for us to grow as an Affiliate Network and make some decent profit because of the unexplainable HIGH COSTS of the tracking platforms, difficult integration, missing features, software bugs and very bad support. Almost all our profit was going into the tracking platform expenses and this is the TRUE story of our beginning as an Affiliate Network!

In 2015 we started developing our own tracking system based on our personal experience with all the other trackers we used previously, and we put together all the good things we found in each and every tracker but we left out all the bad things. We tested everything we built very rigorously and we keep on doing this every time we release a new feature, so YOU CAN BET EVERYTHING IS WORKING PERFECTLY because we need this for our own business too, so say Bye-Bye to bugs!

In 2016 we released the first version of the TrafficManager tracking platform for a few friends from the industry that were at the beginning of the affiliate marketing road and couldn’t afford to waste money on trackers and we started to gain reviews about what features we should add to make it a better product. Since then, we keep building features for our tracker based on people needs and we improve them giving a “personal touch” from our marketing experience, knowing that, in order to have a successful and reliable product we need to build it with cutting-edge technology, it must be very fast, intuitive, stable, secure and consume much less server and human resources than our competitors, in order to be able to give it away at a FAIR PRICE.

Today, we are proud to present you the perfect tool for Affiliate Networks, Affiliate Programs, Campaign Managers, Media Buyers or Traffic Owners who search for a reliable and advanced tool for traffic segmentation, tracking, optimization and monetization. Especially if the traffic flowing into your network is from medium to low quality or if you need to open a lot of pop-ups and pop-unders or you need to make a lot of banner impressions to promote and sell your products/offers.

The best part is that TrafficManager can be used under your own domain (white label) or you can use a sub-domain of trafficmanager.com. All you need to do is to set it up and invite your affiliates to join your Affiliate Network.

Forget about unjustified expensive tracking platforms and start using the best affiliate tracking platform for performance marketing by TrafficManager. The perfect white label solution for Ad Networks, Affiliate Programs and Media Buyers.

Start your own Affiliate Network now using an advanced, reliable and secure SaaS affiliate software at a fair price. Easy to manage and with a very intuitive interface, TrafficManager is the best SaaS performance marketing solution for you, no matter if you are a professional or a newbie in online marketing.